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Our products are inspired by our personal journey of living with chronic pain. We aim to support individuals & their families that live with pain. Amity Heart products are handmade by us & designed especially for you. Discover our story & meet the people that make our brand what it is.

How you can benefit from our products

We have designed stylish, high quality handmade heat packs to last. They are durable, versatile & comfortable. Why not include a heat pack into your daily routine, you will soon discover alleviated discomfort. Our products are a natural pain reliever & non-invasive so they will not interfere with any treatments or medications.

Our heat pack range can provide pain relief associated with arthritis, sore muscles, neck & back pain, inflammation, menstrual cramps, muscle aches, spasms, aid deep relaxation, restful sleep & so much more. Any amount of reprieve from constant pain is a blessing, invest in yourself & practise self care or gift one to a friend or loved one.

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What is a lupin seed?

Lupin seeds come from the Lupin flower. A lupin seed is a legume that grows in a pod which is harvested the same way as wheat. We use Australian sweet lupin seeds to fill our heat pack range. They are round in shape with a yellow speckled pigment.
Benefits for using lupin seeds;

- Odourless
- Retains temperature longer than wheat
- Don't sweat when heated
- Lighter in weight than a traditional wheat pack
- A natural product grown in Australian

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  • Sustainability

    During production we endeavour to use every piece of fabric. We create our fob range with fabric offcuts from our heat pack collection to minimise wastage. Amity Heart Collection is committed to sustainability in all aspects of the brand, from our eco-friendly packaging & gift-wrapping options, daily processes & recycling schme.

    All orders are handmade & packaged by our

    small team with oversight from Amy & Denise.

    Amity Heart Collection is a family-oriented business that provides a unique & supportive work environment. We take pride in the choices that we have made to create our brand.

  • Charity Donations

    We’re a growing family business that is so proud to have the opportunity to support organisations that we believe will impact the world and individual lives in a positive way. 

    We believe it is so important to give back to the community. If there is a chairty that is close to your heart let us know & we'll see how we can help.

                                                                                                                We understand the impact that every donation makes. Each quarter a different charity will be selected to donate proceeds to. Thank you for helping us to improve peoples lives in the migraine & chronic pain community.

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