How we got started...

How we got started...

Living with chronic migraine has made me realise that it is so important to prioritise myself and practice regular self care. Since having the children like a lot of mothers you tend to put everyone else before yourself. I had so many excuses; There isn't enough time. Who will look after the children? We don't have enough money, the list goes on.

Something I have always enjoyed is sewing. Growing up my mum always had a project on the go whether it be covering a lounge, making curtains or costumes for a ballet recital. Mum gave me her old 70’s Janome sewing machine when she received an upgrade one Christmas.

This old machine got me through the next 20 plus years making the odd thing here and there. When the reverse button on this machine stopped working I thought it was time to invest in a new sewing machine. But with me not working I wanted to be sensible and just find a second hand one. So I started looking online.

Before I was born my dad was a prosthetist, an artificial limb maker. Part of that job was sewing to make braces for people's legs, backs and so on. So between that career and also being super clever he too would tinker at the sewing machine making boat, car and aircraft seat covers and other upholstery work.


Mum's old 70's Janome hand me down & my new set up.


Decorated by my little helpers.

My dad lives in New Zealand, since Covid-19 we have not been able to see each other. I am very close to both my parents, we speak every few days. Dad and I started talking about what sort of sewing machine I should get, this conversation went back and forth for a few weeks.

Then dad called me one day and asked me to collect something from my local sewing shop. I didn't think anything of it as he has several machines and always has a project happening in the garage so I presumed he needed something for one of his machines.

At this stage my chronic migraine was very bad, hubby said “You stay here and I will collect it for your dad”. I couldn't drive at this stage but I could be driven, I liked a short outing so off we went with the kids. When we arrived and said I was here to collect something for my dad, the lady seemed very excited and she ran off to collect it. Upon returning she had a new Janome sewing machine in her hand! "What is this"? I said, She smiled. I knew dad didn't need another sewing machine as he has his own collection. "Is it for me"? I asked in shock “Yes" she said , "I had a wonderful chat with your dad, he really misses you and knows you have been looking for a second hand one". I couldn't believe it, a brand new sewing machine for me!

     My three year old took this picture, Mum do you want a photo?
He knew I was so happy.

This really was the beginning, it gave me something new to think about. The very next day I went to the Op Shop. I headed straight for the craft section and found some lovely dark denim. When I returned home I set to making a meditation cushion and I absolutely love it.



I soon realised how much I enjoyed sewing, it seemed almost blissful. I was so content in my own little world. My love for sewing quickly returned and it got me thinking why don't I do this more often? It makes me so happy.

When I was stuck in a dark room one day I thought why don't I make a weighted eye pillow for myself? As soon as I was feeling up to it I cut up an old pillow case, made a pattern then sewed an eye pillow. I wasn't sure what to fill it with so I just used what I had at the time which was brown rice. I was so happy with the design, measurements and I even liked the fabric. As I lay on the bed testing out my new eye pillow I thought it's just about perfect apart from the smell of the rice. I started to research what filling I could use, I determined that Australian grown lupin seeds were the best. No odour, they retain heat for longer than wheat, it is 30% lighter in weight, it doesn't sweat and best of all its a natural resource that is grown in Australia.  

After speaking with my mum she said she knew a supplier - perfect! I then quickly grabbed a notebook and all these great ideas started to flow, in no time at all I had designed and drawn 12 detailed diagrams. After getting the right sizes and shapes I then chose appropriate fabric, cut the patterns and the rest is history. I can't stop. I am hooked.

We were on our way to creating our beautiful range of handmade heat packs. We use quality fabrics that are 100% cotton and choose material designs that are inspired by nature and colourful pattern arrangements. All of our heat packs are fully lined with calico, filled with Australian grown lupin seeds as well as triple stitched on the wrap waist band. All of our creations are made with intention to relieve and comfort our customers.

"If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney.
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