Our Story

Amity Heart Collection is a family run business, established in Australia by Amy and her mum Denise. They are the daughter mother duo who have designed and create heat/cold packs that are filled with Australian grown lupin seeds.

         Their aim is to support individuals and their families that live with chronic pain. Promote an active and understanding online community.
Raise migraine awareness and contribute towards migraine advocacy. 


Founder of Amity Heart Collection, director,
operations officer, seamstress and social media.
Amy was diagnosed with chronic vestibular migraine, chronic migraine with aura, abdominal migraine and visual vertigo in September 2020 she has endured migraine unknowingly since adolescence. Amy has been unable to work to her full capacity for many years since having her children. Amy’s migraine symptoms increased during pregnancy yet went undiagnosed for a further 5 years until she became incapacitated by migraine.
Living with migraine 24/7 her ambition is to build a successful business to support her family while learning how to co-exist with migraine.
“I want to represent the migraine community while sharing my experience. Help others feel less alone, heard and validated.”
Amy is married with two small children, she has a positive attitude and a gentle, caring nature. She is passionate and determined not to let migraine limit her success. She comes from a background in management and has worked in several areas of the health industry.
Amy knows first hand how migraine and chronic pain can lead to isolation, anxiety and depression affecting one's self, family and social group. When her migraine peaked it was debilitating for many months. Amy’s mother Denise uprooted her life, left her secure employment and her coastal home for an extended time. Denise helped Amy and her family, it was during this time that Amity Heart Collection was born and they haven't looked back.

Product development, pattern drafting, prototyping,

production and accounts manager.

Denise has a passion for life, she exudes Enthusiasm with a capital E, Denise’s garden is her paradise and family is above all most important. Denise learnt to sew in her senior years of high school and loved it! With attention to detail, she can sew up a storm.
“The time passes by without even realising.”
Denise comes from a family who has a history of migraine, both of her sisters and father. They know how migraine and chronic pain can affect peoples lives, together Amy and Denise strive to provide comfort and relief. Each product item is handmade with love and intention by this driven duo.